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Here are the parts of Nokia that Microsoft ISN’T buying


In essence, after the transaction is closed, Nokia will be transformed into a technology and IP licensing company and shed its manufacturer role. Microsoft will take over the baton and become the OEM for its own Windows Phone devices.

Microsoft wants to be Apple.

Microsoft buys Nokia’s devices unit in a $7.2 billion bid for its mobile future

The Verge:

Microsoft has purchased Nokia’s Devices and Services unit, bringing the Lumia lineup under the Redmond roof.

What took them so long? Ballmer?

‘Hello, NSA? I accidentally deleted an email’

The Daily Dot:

Iranian-Dutch filmmaker Bahram Sadeghi accidentally deleted an email message and couldn’t get it back, so he decided to call up an organization with a reputation for email storage: the U.S. National Security Agency.

Funny, sad, and scary.

As Android Rises, App Makers Tumble Into Google’s ‘Matrix of Pain’


But there’s a big downside to this Android growth: Severe fragmentation in the Android market means that startups must tune and debug their apps against a whole range of official Android versions, carrier tweaks, internal smartphone hardware, and external screen dimensions. Pundits have warned about this for years, but now the problem has come home to roost.

That, and waiting six months for an OS update. Thanks, but no.

Apple won’t chat with Puerto Rico.

Yesterday I was really happy to see that we could finally purchase from the Apple Store online and they would ship to us. This had been a pet peeve of mine since I purchased a photo book from the iPhoto app and it shipped to my PO Box in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Today I went to the store to browse the refurbished section and had a question about the financing available with no interests from a credit card you can apply to from the store. I go to the Chat Now button and this is what I get:

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 5.00.59 PM

Come on Apple. Puerto Rico has been a territory of the United States of America since 1898 as part of the Paris Treaty.
First you wouldn’t ship to Puerto Rico, you fixed that. Now you say this is international and you can’t chat with me? Last time I checked, sending physical items is much harder than sending bits through a cable between two computers going through servers and routers. Last Sunday I recorded a podcast through Skype with someone on Virginia. I think chatting is a little bit simpler. Get on it.

15 Surreal Landscapes Made from Food

Twisted Sifter

Not only is this amazingly creative, but the photography is top notch. Made me hungry.

Apple finally shipping to Puerto Rico

9to5 Mac:

After multiple years without the ability to ship to Puerto Rico, Apple’s Online Store has been updated with the ability to ship to the United States territory. The option became active this week, and is noted on Apple’s shipping and delivery webpage.

Finally! I’ve had this fight with them for so long. I’ve called, emailed Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, their PR staff, etc. We use the same mail system and other companies deliver here and it was just weird that they wouldn’t.

Now all we want is a proper Apple Store and we will leave you alone Apple.

Did Life Come to Earth From Mars?

Surprising Science:

At this year’s Goldschmidt conference in Florence, Steve Benner, a molecular biophysicist and biochemist at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution will present this idea to an audience of geologists. He’s well aware that half the room will be adamantly against his idea. “People will probably throw things,” he laughs, hinting at a consciousness of how out-of-this-world his ideas sound. But there’s scientific basis for his assertion (PDF), a logical reason for why life maybe truly did begin on Mars.

That would be a weird twist.

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