Forbes Bullshit

Jim Dalrymple:

I read a piece this morning by Ewan Spence at Forbes that just left me shaking my head in disbelief. Spence called the iPad mini “little more than a ‘me-too’ product” — I guess he forgot that Apple invented the modern tablet category and that every Google tablet is actually the “me too” product.

Spence made a point of saying that “in all of my time covering Apple launches,” alluding to his supposed expertise on the subject — all I can say is he couldn’t have been paying attention to Apple’s strategy over those launches.

What Apple is doing with the iPad is the exact same thing they did with the iPod. Release it and then come back and fill in the category with other products.

Oh and he also used the “this isn’t Steve Jobs Apple” line. Come on Ewan, at least be original.

There is really nothing to add, except that Steve Jobs also said they were not interested in making a phone, he said nobody wanted to watch video on an iPod, etc. Whatever he said they weren’t doing (except for Flash Player on iOS, that really never happened), was just that, something he said. Steve Jobs is not here anymore, get over it. He specifically told everyone at Apple not to ask themselves what he would do, they are doing what they think they have to do. If you don’t like it go buy something else, no one is forcing you to buy Apple stuff.

Forbes Bullshit



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