Apple released a new iPad!!! I’m pissed!! (Grow up)

Ever since the Apple keynote, thousands of words have been spilled by geeks and nerds in all the land about how EVIL APPLE had the nerve to release a “New iPad” just seven months after they released the third generation of the Jesus Tablet.

I’m I the only one who thinks this is stupid and childish? (Actually I’m not) Have you ever bought a PC? Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, etc, release new laptops or desktops every few weeks. Are you an Android user? Samesung, LG, HTC, etc, release a new phone every few months. This is how technology works, and the same applies for TVs, cameras, and many other electronic devices.

I’ve always told my friends, if you want to buy something just look for the best device you can afford right now and fits your needs. A month from now there will be a newer, faster, better model, that’s how technology works.

Besides, it’s just a minor revision anyway, Angry Birds is not going to be better, email and web pages work the same, and Netflix has the same old movies. There is no difference for 99% of what the majority of people use the thing for. Don’t like, don’t buy. And please Grow up.



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