Windows 8: Death by a Thousand Cuts?

Paul Thurrott:

I think it’s relevant too that Apple has, to date, not tried to merge its iOS and OS X products into a single product line. Instead, Apple has evolved its Mac-based OS X to include features from iOS that make sense on that desktop/laptop-based system. It has described this work, which began in 2011, as a virtuous cycle, because iOS was originally based on OS X, but now iOS is influencing OS X too.

That was my main issue when I used Windows 8, it might work on a tablet, but on a desktop? Mobile and desktop are two different things, that’s what Apple has done. Apple has been careful to only use what makes sense from both. Would it be cool to use touch on OSX, yeah, maybe, it depends on the application. The mistake here is trying to shoehorn touch on a desktop environment and desktop apps on a touch device. Something’s not right.



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