Supercapacitors Can Now Replace Batteries

Device Magazine

The result was pure organic graphene sheet. The discovery itself was revolutionary, but they stumbled upon another exciting realization when Maher El-Kady, a researcher in the team charged up a thin graphene sheet to light up a small light bulb.

After charging for three seconds, the sheet was able to keep the bulb burning for over five minutes.  That made an extraordinary idea of supercapacitor, or what they call super supercapacitor, that combines the best traits of a battery and a capacitor.

The discovery means that you could make a storage source to charge up and discharge in a matter of seconds, and can store high potential of energy.

This technology could solve the battery limitations on all electronics and maybe help crack the range anxiety problem with electric cars. We could charge a smartphone or tablet in seconds, and a car or a laptop in minutes. Very cool.



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