The Samsung Galaxy SIV: All Tell, But Nothing To Show

Cult of Android

But Samsung seems like it has run out of tricks. There’s so little to show here that all they could do is tell. Tonight’s launch event proved that Samsung’s entire mobile strategy is, at best, to bludgeon you with claims of their product’s merits untl you give in. And at worst, as they did this evening? They’ll bludgeon you while they bore you.

How fast the tech bloggers romance with Samesung is fading. Up until yesterday, they could do no wrong and where crushing Apple. Now, it’s a good iteration on a good phone, it’s not revolutionary, blah blah blah. This people expect their phones to do something magical, and the next version has to wake me up and make coffee, and walk the dog, etc. The delusion is mind boggling. These tech bloggers should see the Louis C.K. show where he explains how stupid and whinny we are that we don’t appreciate how all of this technology is magical. How it changes so fast in a very short time.

Think about how long it took for cars to be invented after the wheel had been around for centuries. Our smartphones and tablets where pieces of crap just six or seven years ago, and look where we are now. Just enjoy what you have, buy whatever suits your needs and budget and go on with your life. All this crap is getting old.



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