iOS 7: It’s Time to Clean House

The Mac Observer:

A wholescale redesign of the iOS interface, however, won’t be easy for consumers, so I’m not expecting to see Apple toss out all of the current interface design elements and start from scratch. Instead, I think we’re on a new evolutionary road for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch where we’ll see some significant changes in iOS 7 that lead to even more refinements with future updates, and start with a first step that may feel more like a small leap.

Changes to iOS look, feel, and some of the functions, is needed. But I don’t expect a huge departure from what we have now, at least on this next version. Apple is now on the same position as Microsoft is, the user base is so big, that it has to be careful what and how they change things.

Can’t wait to see what Ive has been cooking.


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