The Coming Public Freakout About iOS 7

Joel Housman, via Loop Insight:

CNN, MSNBC, Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS’s token mainstream “tech” reporters will write articles pretending to care about the new phone and iOS 7, citing “concerns” about Apple’s new design. They write about it simply because that’s what everyone else is writing about. They can’t be left out of the sheep herd of intellectually dishonest articles that the majority of mainstream tech press will write because it is the flavor of the week. They will use their standard arsenal of vagueness, hearsay, false premises, citing irrelevant facts, changing the subject, or questioning the motives of Apple rather than writing about the design itself or having insight into the changes. They will write their articles as if what they write actually means something and won’t be forgotten four weeks later when these users have all gotten used to the changes in iOS 7.

Sad, but true. An army of clueless A-Holes with too much time on their hands and an irrational thirst for attention and page views, will write crap about iOS 7 until their hands and keyboards turn to mush.


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