When software and hardware work well together.

Apple says it every time, you get a better experience from getting software and hardware that are developed together. This video is not scientific, but the results are pretty obvious and seem to coincide with benchmark numbers I’ve seen. Even with supposedly bigger and better specs, quad core chips, lots of RAM, etc, the iPhone smokes the competition. Numbers aren’t everything, sometimes more is not necessarily better.

Video by Phone Buff


Trailer for EXODUS: Gods and Kings

Looks cool and it has a very good cast.

Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Teaser

Great show coming to an end.

GoPro captures world’s longest car jump gone wrong

His name is Guerlain Chicherit, almost called the late Guerlain Chicherit after this stunt.


Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle

An electric motorcycle sounds great. Bikes are already efficient, and this would take it to a whole new level. On the other hand, real bikers may not like exchanging the sound of their hogs for the whiny vacuum sounding electric motor.


Cantinflas Movie Trailer

Mario Moreno, Cantinflas. One of the best comedians in history, not just in Latin America, in the world. If you can speak or at least understand spanish, watch one of his movies, he was just amazing and never relied on vulgarity or curse words to make people laugh. Hopefully this movie does him justice.

Darth Vader says “No, I Am Your Father” in 20 languages.

One of the most classic dialogue lines in cinema history.

Geek Tyrant

Qualcomm imagines Life without mobile devices.

Laughing Squid.

Man of Steel Trailer.